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Al Gaytor Christmas Ornament

December Diamonds

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Looking to add a touch of Florida flair to your Christmas tree? Meet the December Diamonds Al Gaytor Christmas Ornament, the ultimate accessory for Gator Christmas ornament lovers like you!

This sassy and spirited Al Gaytor Ornament is here to bring some fierce competition into your holiday decor. So just imagine the envy on Santa's face when he sees this feisty gator proudly displaying his team spirit! Complete with fully detailed scales and vibrant colors. Al Gaytor Christmas Ornament is ready to take a chomp at any rivals that dare cross his path.

Not only does this ornamental reptile represent your love for all things Gators. But it also radiates an unwavering passion for sports excellence. Al Gaytor Christmas Ornament always prepared to stand tall and holler in support of his beloved team. So he'll remind you that no matter how tough life gets, there's always something worth cheering about!

Crafted with utmost care from high-quality materials, this unique ornament will be cherished as part of your holiday tradition year after year. Hang it proudly on the branches of your tree or let Al Gaytor Ornament guard your desk at work. Wherever he goes, joy and enthusiasm follow!

Get ready for jaws-dropping compliments from fellow Gator fans when they catch sight of this one-of-a-kind decoration adorning your festive surroundings. With the December Diamonds Al Gaytor Christmas Ornament by your side (or rather hanging above), you'll receive countless admiring glances from visitors who share your affinity for both sportsmanship and merry cheer.

  • 7" H x 4.25" W x 2.25" D
  • Light weight composite
  • Comes with original box
  • Hand painted and glittered

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