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Gideon Fairy Christmas Ornament

December Diamonds

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Meet Gideon, the mischievous enchantment that will cast a spell on your Christmas tree! From the captivating I'm A Fairy Collection by December Diamonds. So this Gideon Fairy Christmas Ornament is destined to be adored by every collector with an affinity for all things extraordinary.

Summoning his mysterious powers from deep within the enchanted realms, Gideon Fairy Ornament effortlessly bewitches and entices. Therefore, whispers of his unparalleled magic spread like wildfire among each ornament aficionado lucky enough to own him. Legend has it that Gideon Fairy Christmas Ornament even possesses the ability to conjure up the fabled dark dagger!

So prepare to succumb to his irresistible charm as Gideon Fairy Christmas Ornament graces your holiday decor with sheer elegance. His breathtakingly beautiful translucent wings shimmer in shades of mesmerizing blue, flawlessly capturing moonlit dreams and starry wishes alike. And oh boy, those lustrous black leather panties—stunningly seductive and audaciously alluring!

A true showstopper amongst his fairy brethren, our sweet talking Gideon proudly wears a stylish necklace adorned with secrets untold. Not stopping there, he flaunts an exquisite gold and black armband further highlighting his mystical allure. With such radiant confidence combined with undeniable sexiness, it's no wonder why collectors worldwide pine after this enigmatic gem.

So leave ordinary tales behind as you embrace the extraordinary spirit of December Diamonds Collectors with our tantalizing Gideon Fairy Christmas Ornament. So revel in its whimsical magic that promises mischief-filled nights under twinkling lights.

  • 9" H x 4" W x 3.5" D
  • Light weight composite
  • Comes with original box
  • Hand painted and glittered

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