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Golden Scotch Scented Bar Soap

San Francisco Soap Company

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Saddle up, hombre! Get ready to lather up like a true buckaroo with our For Men Golden Scotch Scented Bar Soap by San Francisco Soap Company. This ain't your ordinary soap, partner - so it's pure cowboy magic in a bar!

Picture yourself on the dusty plains of the Wild West, surrounded by golden fields and rugged mountains. That's exactly what this ranch-themed Golden Scotch Scented Soap delivers right into your shower. With just one whiff of that intoxicating Golden Scotch scent. You'll be transported to an adventurous world where every day is a thrilling ride.

Crafted specially for men who appreciate nothing but the best grooming experience. This Golden Scotch Scented Bar Soap will leave you feeling as fresh as an open breeze on the prairie. So For men Golden Scotch Scented Soap's rich formula packs a punch with nourishing ingredients that'll have your skin thanking you all day long.

But let's talk about that scent – oh boy! Golden Scotch Scented Bar Soap's like stepping into a saloon filled with the finest aged scotch whiskey. The warm notes of woodsy oak and smoky bourbon create an irresistible aroma that even John Wayne would approve of. Therefore, trust us when we say it’s so good; you might just want to keep sniffing yourself all day long (no judgment here!).

So gents, put down those regular bars and saddle up for something extraordinary! Our Golden Scotch Scented Bar Soap is here to wash away any doubt about finding the ultimate cleansing companion.

  • Made in the USA
  • Scented Bar Soap
  • Stay Squeaky Clean, Sailor!
  • Designs That Are Retro - Scents That Are Nowtro.
  • NET WT. 10 oz (283 g)

Contains: Sustainable Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocate, Water (Aqua/EAU), Glycerin, Fragrance (Parfum), Sodium Chloride, Pentasodium Penetate, Tetrasodium Etidronate, May Also Contain Sodium Palm Kernelate

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