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Moonshiner by Night Nutcracker

Santa's Workshop Inc.

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Step into the captivating world of nocturnal mischief with our exquisite Moonshiner by Night Nutcracker! So standing at an impressive 13 inches tall, this unruly and enchanting character is a must-have for any dedicated Nutcracker collector.

Underneath the mysterious moonlight, our mischievous Moonshiner by Night Nut Cracker reveals his true colors. Dressed in a dapper ensemble adorned with celestial silver stars. This charismatic chap radiates an irresistible charm that will mesmerize all onlookers. So with every detail painstakingly handcrafted and meticulously painted, the Moonshiner by Night Nutcracker exudes unparalleled craftsmanship.

This enigmatic figure adventures into moonlit forests while clutching a delightful miniature jug filled to the brim with whimsical moonshine. So can you imagine the secrets whispered between him and those shimmering woods? Moonshiner by Night Nutcracker's eyes twinkle mischievously as if he knows hidden tales only whispered under starry skies.

Designed to steal your heart and inspire countless conversations amongst fellow collectors, this remarkable nutcracker blends tradition with unexpected audacity. Display it proudly in your collection or invite it to become a captivating centerpiece during holiday festivities – its unique allure will elevate any setting!

Delight yourself or surprise someone dear who adores peculiar characters imbued with nighttime magic. The Moonshiner by Night Nutcracker captures imagination like no other collectible can; it is sure to cast spells of fascination over both young dreamers and savvy connoisseurs alike.

  • Whimsical
  • Handcrafted & Painted
  • Comes in original box
  • Size: 13.5" H x 5.5" W x 4.5" D

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