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Nurse Nutcracker

Santa's Workshop Inc.

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Calling all Nutcracker Collectors! Get ready to add a pinch of medical charm to your collection with our delightful Nurse Nutcracker. This enchanting wooden figurine will cure your cravings for unique and captivating pieces.

Dressed in a vibrant pink uniform, our Nurse Nutcracker is the epitome of healthcare chic. So with her clip board grasped firmly in one hand and stethoscope draped gracefully around her neck. Nurse Nutcracker brings a breath of fresh air to the world of nutcrackers. Standing tall at 14", she exudes confidence and compassion that only a true healthcare hero possesses.

Crafted with utmost precision, this remarkable nutcracker combines hand painted details with intricate woodwork that mesmerizes both young and old alike. The playful blend of colors on her uniform makes it impossible not to smile when you gaze upon her cheerful presence.

Whether you're currently working in the medical field or simply adore collecting whimsical treasures. Our Nurse Nutcracker is destined to steal your heart. She embodies dedication, kindness, and everything magical about nursing — making her an exceptional addition to any collector's treasure trove.

Nurse Nutcracker stands as a testament to the noble profession while simultaneously igniting imaginations and sparking conversations among curious souls who dare enter your home. So why wait? Bring joyous healing vibes into your space by welcoming this charming caretaker today!

  • Whimsical
  • Handcrafted & Painted
  • Comes in original box
  • Size: 13.5" H x 5" W x 4.25" D

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