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Quills Rainbow Feather Mohawk

Zucker Feather

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Looking for an exciting, unique, and stylish headdress? Look no further than this Quills Rainbow Feather Mohawk Headdress! This handmade item made with 8.5-9 inch dyed turkey quills. Trimmed with a matching Rainbow Medium weight Marabou Boa.

The Buckram wired base lined with black felt with three 1 inch elastic loops placed at each end, and one placed at the crown. This lightweight Rainbow Feather Mohawk comes with a 3/4" black strap passing through the front and back loops for easy wearing.

Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just want to add a little personality to your look. This Quills Rainbow Feather Mohawk Headdress is sure to capture your attention! The Quills Rainbow Feather Mohawk elastic straps can be cut off to insert a headband. Clips or pins for a more seamless mohawk profile. (Dose not come with headband, clips or pins).

  • Costume Headdresses Used For Carnival, Parades, Halloween Costumes, Pride Parades, Celebrations, Rave Parties, Clubs, Stage & Dance Performances and more.
  • Rainbow Feather Mohawk Headdress Measures 26" X 12" (ONE SIZE FITS ALL)
  • Measures: H 26" x L 15" x W 3"

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