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Rainbow Flag Flexible Magnet

PHS International

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Hey there, fabulous Gay Pride Rainbow Flag Flexible Magnet Collectors! 🌈✨

Looking to express your unwavering support for the vibrant LGBTQ+ community? Well, you've stumbled upon a true gem – our Rainbow Flag Magnet! 🏳️‍🌈💪

So this beauty comes equipped with a Rainbow Flag Flexible Magnet on its back, making it super easy-peasy to showcase your pride wherever you desire. Stick it on your trusty fridge or proudly display it in a window where everyone passing by can witness your daily dose of awesomeness. 💖

Crafted from an incredibly durable and scratch-resistant material. Therefore, this Rainbow Flag Flexible Magnet is here to jazz up any surface without causing any unwanted damage. So no more worrying about scratches or messy residue ruining your precious belongings – we've got you covered!

With its bold and radiant colors mirroring the vibrancy of love and acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community, this Rainbow Flag Magnet will undoubtedly spark conversations and radiate positive vibes all around.

So go ahead and grab one (or maybe even several) of these magnificent magnets today! Show off that unapologetic pride while adding a pop of color to any space.

Remember: Love is love, no matter where you stick it! 😉

  • Flexible magnet
  • Size: 3" H x 4.5" W

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