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Support Our Families Flexible Magnet

PHS International

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Are you ready to show off your pride, magnet collectors of the Gay Pride community? Look no further than our fabulous Rainbow Support Our Families Flexible Magnet! This colorful and flexible marvel destine to become the shining star of any refrigerator. Not only does it add a vibrant touch to your kitchen. But Support Our Families Magnet also serves as a powerful symbol of love and acceptance.

Let's face it - magnets are more than just fridge accessories; they're expressions of who we are! With our Support Our Families Flexible Magnet, you can proudly display your unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community in a truly eye-catching way. Whether it's Pride month or any other day throughout the year, this magnificent magnet will always be there to make a statement.

But wait...there's more! This versatile Support Our Families Flexible Magnet isn't limited to just one purpose. It thrives on versatility like no other. Use it during family gatherings, parties with friends, or even as an everyday reminder that love knows no bounds. Its flexibility allows you to get creative with its placement – whether on metallic surfaces around your home or wherever else your heart desires!

So don't hesitate – let the world know where you stand by sporting our Rainbow Support Our Families Flexible Magnet today! Proudly embrace your queerness while spreading love and joy across every magnetic surface in sight. Trust us; this little beauty will have heads turning and hearts melting everywhere you go.

  • Flex magnet
  • Size: 8" H x 3.5" W

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